Anna Lucylle

Milan-based computer addict, I started off working as a web and graphic designer for a small firm in my hometown of Bergamo; three years, a city change and a master degree after, I switched to advertising and currently am employed as an art director. Please inquiry for more detailed CV background, if interested!

Out of the agency, I pursue my other passion: portraiture and band photography. I am currently a resident photographer for Sick Girls, producing concepts and photoshoots for the website.
Recent work for signed bands includes photoshoots for booklets of Blank and Iridio, post production for Syrian and live photography for Mystical Fullmoon.

I am also an experienced hair extensionist (six years of private work) specializing in alternative materials (plastic/tubing/wool/etc) and styles (dreadlocks/weaving/conceptual haircuts/etc) so in my pictures I tend to take care of that part of the styling and through the years have worked as a hair stylist for other photographers/events.